About me

My name is Kirstie Dawson and I am passionate about helping your child become a curious, lifelong, independent learner.

I want your child to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead their best life.

It’s about more that just teaching literacy and numeracy.

It’s about building their interest in learning, confidence in their own personality and a growth mindset to deal with life’s challenges.

“Kirstie has an ability to see each child as an individual and tailor her approach accordingly in order to bring out their true potential” Suzy. Redhill Surrey.

What I offer

Face-to-face tutoring sessions by appointment

Educational day trips 10am-2pm Monday to Friday

• Documented assessment of your child’s academic, social and emotional learning

• Weekly parent consultations to review progress and assist with any social, emotional, behavioural and wellbeing concerns

I have been working in childcare and education for the past 25 years. I am a qualified Ofsted registered childminder, an experienced primary school teacher, and hold a 4 year education degree from Oxford.

I am a mother to two teenage children and part of a larger family with my partner and his two children.

I live in Lower Kingswood in Surrey.

“Kirstie’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism is baffling and awe-inspiring. How she keeps it up, I can only imagine comes through her utter love for what she is doing.” C.A. Redhill Surrey

My blog explores in more detail my approach to childcare and tutoring. Read my blog


£45 per hour for one-to-one tutoring sessions

Group sessions and trips also available.

If you’re curious to find out more, and want to chat about what I can do to help your child’s education, please do get in touch!