‘Dance to the Music’. A night out with my daughter.

This week I took my daughter to see ‘Dance to the Music’ in our local theatre.


My daughter has become interested in all things music, dance and performance recently so the show ticked many boxes for a fun evening out.


From the start the show was high energy and my daughter and I enjoyed seeing how dance has changed through the ages. 


The host Jake Quickenden seemed slightly nervous at first but definitely relaxed into his role and engaged well with the audience, pulling them expertly into the experience by the end.


My daughter was most shocked when Jake came and sat in the empty seat next to her during the performance and it became a running joke through the rest of an evening full of fun and laughter. 


The dancing itself was interesting, well choreographed and showed the different dancing styles. I liked the way each dancer showed their speciality with passion, from Marcella Solimeo’s and Dylon Daniels’ Latin dances to James Davies-Williams tribute to Michael Jackson.


Jake sung with increasing emotion, especially in Purple Rain which was not only a tribute to Prince but also Jake’s father. 


The involvement of local children’s dance groups was a lovely addition and gave the show a community feel.


My daughter and I had a lovely evening, we laughed and clapped and danced and chatted about the different dance styles and songs and eras. 


The music was a great way to bond across the generations. Sitting next to us was a 92 year old gentleman and his granddaughter, I could hear the grandfather gasp and clap at songs by Frank Sinatra and then tap along to club hits from 2000s. 


I very much enjoyed my daughter’s company. I also enjoyed the opportunity to break from normal life for two hours of fun whilst indulging in her passion.


I will look out for more shows in the future. If you fancy seeing the show yourself follow this link to find a local venue.

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