Can you really Feel Better in 5 minutes? Dr Rangan Chatterjee thinks so.

I am a big believer in small changes having a large effect on our lives. 


I know that if we want to create new habits we need to make them small and achievable to start with.


I have seen how piggy backing a new habit onto an existing habit is a great way of getting new habits to stick.


For this reason I was very interested in the book ‘Feel Better in 5’ by DRangan Chatterjee.


In this book Dr Chatterjee explains how it can take just 5 minutes a day to implement new habits that can change your life for good.


I have never watched BBC Breakfast tv and I was not very aware of Dr Chatterjee, but liked the idea that he was a practising GP of 20 years and tried to treat people in a holistic fashion. 


In his book Dr Chatterjee explains how he has invented ‘Health Snacks’ in 3 areas of everyday life. These Health Snacks are all 5 minutes long and need only be done 5 days a week. They can be adapted for all ages and all abilities.


From a comprehensive and well explained list you choose 1 Heath Snack per area from Mind, Body and heart.


I was very happy when I saw I was already practising a number of these Health Snacks, but there were a few new ones. I also felt there were a few that could be used to tweak the routine I established at New Year. 


I am currently listening to Dr Chatterjee’s book whilst walking via Audible, although this is a good start for me I prefer seeing a plan laid out before me so I have ordered a copy from the library. 


I plan to start with ‘Daily Download’, where I write down my thoughts as they come for 5 minutes a day, this gets my thoughts out of my head helping my mental load. 


I would then like to tweak my morning exercise routine. I currently do 5 minutes of exercise whilst waiting for the kettle to boil but was unsure exactly what to do for best results. Once my book arrives I plan to follow the instructions for ‘The Classic 5’. A series of exercises that gives a whole body strength work out in 5 minutes.


I would also like to fit in a yoga practise a the end of the day, but know this would be choosing two snacks from the same category, so I will leave that until I have ‘The Classic 5’ worked out and into a habit.


Lastly I need to choose a Health Snack from the Heart section, I have only just started listening to this. So will wait until I have heard them all before choosing. 


I am very interested in seeing what effect following this plan can have on my life.


Why don’t you check back in later and see how I am getting on?



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