Easter holidays under lockdown.

Anyone else out there looking at the upcoming Easter holidays like a rabbit standing in the path of a 14 carriage freight train?


Our original Easter holiday plans included working for four days taking 10 children on fun trips, celebrating my daughter’s birthday at a theme park and a family holiday with my partner and his heavily pregnant sister. 


Now I have two weeks, on my own, at home, with my children, without the focus of school. 


Our school work so far has gone well, 4 hours a day spent on tasks set via a website. The rest of the time the kids have spent exercising, playing games, watching tv or helping around the house.


It has gone pretty well, even if I do say so myself. Don’t get me wrong we have had our wobbles…snacks and wine were the first items to be placed in what was probably the last shopping delivery slot for a while.


However the weekend was something different to the week. There was a distinct lack of focus and definitely more ‘Teenatude’. 


I had a rough plan, I had some nice activities in mind, we did a lot of them but there was still a feeling of restlessness and sniping.  


How can I make it through 14 more of these days without resorting to the Netflix babysitter?


My plan so far is to sit and chat to my kids about some ideas for activities . 


This usually starts off with a lot of ‘I don’t knows’, shrugging and now mixed with ‘my birthday is ruined.’


However I have some areas that may help focus the mind.


Everyday I want us to; 


  • exercise twice a day, once inside and once outside the house,


  • play at least one game,


  • learn one thing,


  • work towards a goal,


  • help someone (It maybe each other)


  • do something creative.


I’m hoping these areas might help us plan some things to do over the next 14 days.


I’m hoping they may allow me to dodge the two week freight train rather than be run over by each weighty carriage of time.


I will let you know how I get on.


What are you planning?

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