Finding our new ‘normal’

So today has been the first day that felt ‘normal’.

I am hoping this is us finding our stride.

I know we will still have wobbly moments and days where the world seems to conspire against us, but today I felt hopeful that we could actually enjoy this time.

My kids didn’t need reminding of the timetable today.

Breakfast morphed into tidying, teeth cleaning and readying ourselves for our walk. There wasn’t even a snide comment or moan to be heard.

Our walk had moments of chatter and silence. I have missed a little silence!

Returning home my children took their shoes off, even putting them away before washing hands and finding fruit.

They then disappeared without a word to start schoolwork.

An hour later when I called them for a break I found they had finished their topic and had started jobs. WITHOUT BEING REMINDED, I nearly dropped (what had to have been) my 25th cup of tea!

The day went on from activity to activity, I actually found I had time to think. I also did some things for myself, I even read!

By 6pm we were all playing games. My son won the coveted year old Easter egg. He then turned the scoreboard paper over and started again, whilst I rooted around the cupboard for the next out of date prize!

Dinner merged into reading time and then I excused myself whilst my children sat to watch tv together. TOGETHER, whilst laughing!!! I can hear them from up here!

I am now showered, writing this from my bedroom whilst sipping a cold beer with the promise of a chat with my partner via FaceTime later.

The world may be a little broken right now, but now, for today, in this moment, my little part felt like it was coming together in a new way.

2 thoughts on “Finding our new ‘normal’

  1. Let’s hope this is the start of a happier ‘normality.’ It’s tough times but it must be even stranger for kids not realising the situation entirely and thinking we are cruel keeping them away from their friends.

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    1. Yes, luckily my kids are of an age to understand, but I know from some of my minded families that younger children are very confused. It is still early days, but nice to be able to see some positives though! 😊


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