Stuff to do and time to do it…so why aren’t I?

So how many of you are getting to do fun activities with your children? 




Large puzzles?



I have a whole list of things I would like to do, but strangely haven’t found time.


I am working a little, creating activity packs for my minded children. I am also helping my children with their school work, keeping house and sorting shopping, finances etc. All of this has left little time for other activities.


As much as I am nervous about the next two weeks without the focus of school, and with two teenagers to keep physically and mentally healthy, I think I may be looking forward to seeing if we can fit in some projects.


  • My son said he’d try and teach me guitar. 

  • My daughter has a hilarious exercise video to try. 

  • We have had a 1000 piece puzzle on and off the table for about a year. 

  • We have 3 cake mixes in the cupboard.

  • We have a whole variety of live streaming theatre productions as well as lists of films to watch.

  • I myself have a drawing course book I started 4 years ago and never completed, along with a pile of unread magazines and a novella I wrote and am halfway through editing. 


We all have ‘stuff’ to do and now we have time to do it. But I’m starting to wonder if it was never time that was the issue. The pull of the phone for a quick flick through social media, or a job organising a drawer seems to have much more pull.


I think next week I need to make myself do some of this stuff. Maybe once started we will never stop. 


Maybe the 1000 piece jigsaw will be finished in a day, I will play guitar with the enthusiasm and skill of Eric Clapton, my children will become bakers of distinction and apply for next year’s Bake Off and we will all record our own globally successful fitness DVD.


Or maybe we will have a bit of fun and realise I still have no coordination, that the ‘burnt bits’ can be easily cut off and that the puzzle looked better on the front of the box. 


Whichever, it is worth a try and hopefully a laugh or two.


What about you? What ‘stuff’ do you want to try?


2 thoughts on “Stuff to do and time to do it…so why aren’t I?

  1. These are strange times and we find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances but I wonder if our actions and responses now are really so different from our normal conduct. At the start of lock down I was determined to make the most of the time and achieve things. I drew up a long list of jobs to complete, some pleasurable and some more tedious things I have been meaning to do for ages and never get round to. Initially I threw myself into hyper activity ticking the jobs off the list with immense satisfaction, feeling physically exhausted at the end of each day but chuffed with what I had accomplished.
    Maybe I peaked too soon but I am struggling now to knuckle down to the jobs left on my list. Sapped of energy, I realise I have cherry picked all the jobs on the list that I found appealing but am still procrastinating on the those jobs I have been meaning to get round to even though I have plenty of time now. So in answer to your question, time is perhaps not the issue here. I realise it is more to do with my lack of will power whether I am in lock down or not.
    The positive side effect of this situation is that for once I am chilling more, taking more time to enjoy every day pleasures and just be. I am aware of how lucky I am to be in a position to be able to do this but let’s try not to give ourselves a hard time if we don’t tick everything off the to do list. Hopefully, after this is over, we will never have to endure these circumstances ever again, so let’s take something positive from it and make the most of the time we have been given to endulge ourselves in the slower pace of life rather than beat ourselves for not achieving. Before we know it life will return to its normal whirlwind madness and I suspect the tedious jobs on that to do list will still be there.
    Thank you for inspiring thought Kirstie.
    Lots of love. X


    1. I agree. From looking at my list I realise the things I have failed to complete are not due to time but preference.

      There are areas of my life that deserve more time, time I now have. It is these areas I want to prioritise, rather than reorganising the cutlery drawer.

      As this strange period continues I feel myself slowing, enjoying more the activities I am involved in. Taking deep breaths as I stride into my morning walk, delighting in time to meditate and play games with my children.

      But I suppose I want to ensure I take full advantage of this time, a time I will hopefully never get again. A time so precious because of everything happening outside my socially distant walls.

      I am nervous but also excited by two weeks without school. Time I can actually be with my children. Following what we feel is important to us. Time I have never had due to my career’s busiest time being the holidays.

      My main goal is to have fun, bond with my children, have time for myself and work towards something bigger. But as you mention, in order to do this I need to slow down, take stock and enjoy the journey.

      Conversations with Suzy; inspiring me since 1995. X


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