Looking for my Core Values

Last night I found myself flicking through a magazine whilst waiting to chat to my partner over FaceTime


I currently have a pile of Psychologies magazines after signing up for a subscription a year ago. 


My plan was to take time each week to sit and read a magazine. This unfortunately didn’t happen and now I have about 6 unopened copies.


However, It would appear I now have the time!


This particular issue had a quiz, as all good magazines do, and this particular quiz was about what kind of attachments you make with others.


It was a generally interesting quiz and subsequent article, but the one aspect that stuck in my head was the mention of personal values.


The article stated I should ‘identify my values and what gives life meaning for me’.


I had never really given much thought to my personal values. I am aware of aspects that are important to me such as politeness, organisation, connection and kindness, but I hadn’t actually named them as values. 


I decided to look at this closer and came upon a guide online written by Scott Jeffrey.


I read through the article quickly and decided to give the idea of personal values some headspace.


After about half an hour I had written a list of about 30 core personal values and grouped them in types. 


I was now left with 5.


I was meant to write statements about these 5 next but found that trickier. The words themselves were more helpful than combining them into some kind of  mantra.


As directed I then started looking at events going on in my own life an how I could manage these better if I aligned them to my core values. 


This was actually an interesting activity and one that continued in the background of my day. 


Sitting here this evening, I feel I made better decisions about how to behave and what to do as a result of trying to align with my core values


This is very early days and I don’t think I am going to start reciting core value mantras, but I will continue to look at them and see whether I can make better decisions as a result of them being identified.


Have you ever given thought to your own personal values?



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