Teenage birthday under lock down!

So this week my daughter finally turns into a teenager. 


I have been describing her as a teenager for the past 6 months, much to her disgust, but by the end of the week it will actually be true. 


I will be a mother of two teenage children. 


I hadn’t really thought of myself as getting old before, but now this fact is hitting me like a skier crashing through a forest, each branch whacking into my face with a new wrinkle. 


Anyway, today I start the birthday party preparations. 


I’m thinking it will be a small affair.


Very small in fact.


Just myself, my son and my daughter need invitations, although our neighbours may well look over the fence with a glass of something bubbly!


Lockdown and ensuring the safety of ourselves and others must even trump a 13 year old’s birthday party!


So then, how am I going to make this special?


The answer….




My daughter and son have recently been making short movies together recreating iconic movies using an inflatable alien. 


So my idea? Let’s provide more characters! 


I am ordering inflatable flamingoes, parrots, dinosaurs and palm trees.


I have also ordered a new paddling pool with an inflatable base to use as a makeshift hot tub, without the heat or bubbles! I’m just hoping it will be comfortable enough to sit and have a cold drink in!!!


My daughter’s main present will be a trampoline, something she has always wanted, but with my job and the size of our garden, I had decided against. But when in lockdown, why not? 


How will a trampoline fit into our life ‘AL’ (After Lockdown)? Who knows. I will deal with that later. 


So it is meant to be a glorious week and I am hoping for a little beach party vibe, music, paddling pool, flamingoes, trampoline and some screeches of laughter as my son and daughter recreate another movie in their own weird and wonderful way!


I am also hoping there will be a whole host of video chats and messages. Turning 13 is usually all about the friends, I am just hoping an inflatable flamingo, dinosaur and parrot can make up for this!


If you know my daughter, keep quiet and keep the surprise… I will report back later about how it all went!

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