Emotions in lockdown. When the ‘Wobbles’ come to visit.

How are you doing over in your house?


Are you finding your new normal yet? 


We are generally okay over here. We are healthy and we are keeping busy.


My son is teaching my daughter and I the drums. We are working in the garden. I am creating activity packs and videos for my minded children and we are volunteers in our local community. 


We are removed from the front line and are staying home as much as possible in order to keep it that way, for ourselves and others.


We know we are lucky. 


That doesn’t stop ‘The Wobbles’ from visiting us though. 


They come suddenly and usually arrive at my door with tears and uncertainty, they arrive at my children’s with snappiness and an unwillingness to do anything. 


I miss my partner, my children miss their friends and all of us miss our family and physical freedom. 


When the Wobbles first arrived I fought them, I was angry and got caught up in the fears they brought. I fought them off with distracting activities and busyness, but they still ran amuck in my head.


Yesterday I decided not to fight them off. Yesterday I invited the Wobbles in. 


I sat on my driveway in the sun, hiding from the world behind my car. I messaged my partner and told him the Wobbles were visiting. I sat and I listened to them drone on about their worries and their fears. 


My partner sat with me from far away and my children shouted messages over the fence. My neighbour’s dog came for a hug and my neighbour and I had a socially distant chat whilst the Wobbles sat quietly in my mind.


When I found myself alone again I noticed the Wobbles had calmly left.


I still felt a little flat, like they had sat on my happiness and made scatter cushions out of my joy, but I didn’t feel sad or angry.


Next time the Wobbles come to visit I am going to sit with them over a cup of tea. I am going to listen to what they have to say, give them a hug as we are all missing cuddles, pat them kindly on the head and wish them a good day as I continue with mine.  


We will all feel wobbly from time to time, it is normal no matter how lucky we are to be healthy and safe. Fighting those wobbly feelings just makes them stronger, it gives them energy and a reason to stay. 


Be kind to your Wobbles and yourself.

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