Pets in lockdown. Are yours acting differently?

Are your pets acting differently since you have been home more?


We have two 8 year old cats. 


Usually these furry family members come for attention every now and then but are generally happy to stretch out on the sofa on their own.


However, since my children and I have been home all day they are wanting more attention.


The moment a bottom hits a seat in this house a cat appears. 


And they don’t just sit on your lap either, they are constantly pawing, if you stop stroking for a second a paw emerges and taps continuously on your arm, chest, or even face until you start again. 


The only other time I have known my cats to be like this is if one of us is ill. The moment the kids or I feel even slightly under the weather for more than a minute, we usually have a cat glued to us. 


I suppose our furry family members know something is different, they know that we have changed routine and they can sense our emotions aren’t quite normal. 


Maybe they are just caring for us in their own way, which is lovely.


But, whatever, I would really like to enjoy at least one cup of tea a day without the addition of a tail!

Have you noticed the same with your pets?



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