Are You Trying to Achieve Too Much During Lockdown?

I read an interesting article yesterday.


It was about putting our current situation into perspective by likening it to a long journey with a child.


There is a definite sense for those of us not working full time, that the extra time we have found is a gift. 


In order to appreciate this gift we need to be making  the most of it. 


We should;


  • get fit, 
  • take up another language, 
  • watch streaming theatre productions, 
  • fix the house, 
  • start gardening,
  • bake bread,
  • take up a new hobby, 
  • start a business, 
  • better ourselves, 
  • move constantly forward. 


This is exhausting and actually builds a great deal of pressure.


Yes we have found more time. 




…we have also found ourselves in a very uncertain time where our support networks, security and even identities are being challenged.


Anne Marie Collins, the President of the Australian Association of Psychologists details that dealing with the;


‘extraordinary challenges and monumental disruptions to our daily routines thrust on us by the COVID-19 pandemic cause us to feel overwhelming emotions as we suddenly lose agency over our lives and our futures’ Daily Mail Australia


Maybe this isn’t the most secure foundation on which to build a ‘new me’ after all.


I have felt the pressure myself to ‘do something’ productive with this time. I have felt I should be watching more live streamed theatre, writing more of my novel, learning the keyboard etc, but on reading these articles I realise I am doing something with my time.


As Paul Ollinger wrote in his article ‘To Survive the Quarantine, Change Your Metrics’ 


When you’re trying to hang onto a job or filing for unemployment while homeschooling your kids, arranging care for an elderly parent, and bathing only occasionally, you are already operating at a very high level. So block out the noise and re-focus on the goal: to arrive with your health and family intact.


I am aiming for my children, family and friends to emerge from lockdown with our physical and mental health intact. 


If that means focussing on learning the keyboard as a helpful goal then brilliant, 

if that means chatting to people on FaceTime then excellent, 

If that means cuddling up with kids on the sofa and doing very little that is great.


A better me can wait, I am already doing a great job being myself. 


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