I am an educator

Some days I wear the hat of a childminder, some days a tutor, parent, step-parent, friend. Some days I wear all the hats

No matter which hat I wear I believe that education should be exciting and fun.

I believe all children should go into the world excited by its possibilities, their curiosity bubbling, eyes wide in awe of what is to come.

I believe all children should go into the world knowing they are enough, aware they do not have all the answers, but knowing they have the strength to find them and to withstand the storms that will come.

I treat children as humans, little different from the adults I meet. I treat them with respect, their questions important, their beliefs openly explored.

I want children to retain their selves, be true to themselves, be their own kind of brave. There are rules we must abide to, morals and manners to understand so that life can be lived with kindness and compassion. These rules, morals and manners are explored, as are all feelings and thoughts and ideas and dreams, to create an individual code of conduct.

Academic studies are taken out of the systematic box of ‘school’, shaken to rid them of cobwebs and hung out in the sunshine to air and refresh.

Questions are asked and answered, lines of enquiry broader than a school can accommodate are explored. Individual learning requiring more time than a strict curriculum can offer, is revisited and embedded. Confidence is raised. We all learn something new.

I am an educator but also a learner.

I am not a finished article telling children how they must live in the world, I model to children what it is like for me to live in the world, and how they can make a better one for themselves.

My name is Kirstie and I am passionate about helping children become curious, lifelong, independent learners. Find out more.

One thought on “I am an educator

  1. it is so important to treat children as you would adults. show them that you, and other adults, are not perfect, do not have all the answers and that we too need to seek out knowledge and learn new things. When we show children respect, the importance of inquiry and learning and that we value them… they will flourish

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