The Travelling Tutor

Recently my tutoring services became even more mobile. I can now say I am the proud owner of my very own mobile classroom.

Over lockdown I used my daily walk to tutor and exercise at the same time. I took children out for their daily walk whilst also supporting their academic and emotional well-being.

My educational walks became incredibly successful, parents loved the flexibility and children loved the fun learning. Some recent parents evening comments would also suggest my tutor children are ahead of the game, both with their school work, and more importantly in their attitude to learning and confidence.

After six weeks I decided to look at how I could continue in the future post lockdown. This led to me having my own mobile classroom!!

My classroom is in the form of a Vauxhall Combo life XL with a Campal conversion. This turns our spacious 7 seater car into a deluxe mobile office.

I now drive to my tutor families’ homes and work from my classroom parked close by. I have lights and heating for those darker and colder evenings, and there is also the mandatory bunting and scatter cushions for that homely effect.

Going forward I would ideally love to work in my mobile classroom during the day, supporting more families and having more fun. But for the moment I am happy to say all my after school slots are full, all the children are progressing well, and I am now busy deciding what to name my new ‘classroom in a car’.

Any suggestions, let me know!

6 thoughts on “The Travelling Tutor

    1. Thank you! I do love it.

      It is so cosy to work from and a lot of the time I can have the boot open onto green space.

      The children are also so relaxed and it has really enhanced their learning.

      Loving the names. 👍


    1. Thank you 😊

      I have the Campal for Two! It is awesome! Have been using it daily for over two months and it is fantastic!


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