A Celebration Of My Tutor Family. One Year On!

Amazingly, it has been a year since I started tutoring from my mobile classroom! 


In celebration, I felt it was high time we celebrated some of our memorable moments and achievements! 


We’ve had summer days with the boot wide open, using the desk to write one minute and jumping out to play games the next.

We’ve had winter days, complete with fairy lights, blankets and hot drinks, working together to solve maths mysteries and writing stories about Chinese dragons. 

We’ve had trips to beaches, finding fossils, to Zoos and historical Roman sites.

We’ve parked on driveways and roads, in car parks and on golf courses. Our dice have rolled off tables on steep hills, and even escaped out the boot at times. 

We’ve applied sun cream, used fans, been rocked by the wind, and stopped lessons whilst the rain fell so hard we couldn’t hear. 

Over the year we have adapted, creating areas for wet clothes and muddy boots. Adding baskets of games, cushions and blankets. Families have bought presents and decorations. 

We have had Covid and changed to Zoom lessons, we’ve also had lessons outside in gardens, 2 metres apart. 

Members of my amazing tutor family have; 

  • Remembered how fun learning can be.
  • Improved in counting, multiplying, reading, spelling, writing and exploring the world.
  • Won school awards for achievement and effort.
  • Passed the 11+ and been accepted into grammar school.
  • Left primary school and been supported in their transition to secondary life.
  • Had fun following their own interests in home education, weaving in all areas of learning.
  • Have seen significant increases in motivation, knowledge and love of learning.


We’ve all learnt a great deal together and I’m so excited for what adventures the next year will bring.

Well done everyone in my tutor family, I am so proud of you all!

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