Hi, my name is Kirstie.

I’m a primary teacher and qualified childminder creating day trips and tutoring sessions that promote resilience, independence and a passion for learning. 

My blog gives an insight to my approach and explores my thoughts on education, children and life. 

The Travelling Tutor

Recently my tutoring services became even more mobile. I can now say I am the proud owner of my very own mobile classroom. Over lockdown I used my daily walk to tutor and exercise at the same time. I took children out for their daily walk whilst also supporting their academic and emotional well-being. My … Continue reading The Travelling Tutor

I am an educator

Some days I wear the hat of a childminder, some days a tutor, parent, step-parent, friend. Some days I wear all the hats No matter which hat I wear I believe that education should be exciting and fun. I believe all children should go into the world excited by its possibilities, their curiosity bubbling, eyes … Continue reading I am an educator


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