Hi, my name is Kirstie.

I’m a primary teacher and qualified childminder creating day trips and tutoring sessions that promote resilience, independence and a passion for learning. 

My blog gives an insight to my approach and explores my thoughts on education, children and life. 

I am an educator

Some days I wear the hat of a childminder, some days a tutor, parent, step-parent, friend. Some days I wear all the hats No matter which hat I wear I believe that education should be exciting and fun. I believe all children should go into the world excited by its possibilities, their curiosity bubbling, eyes … Continue reading I am an educator

A New Memo for Education

What is learning? I think we may have the wrong memo about education. I think currently we have a sense that learning occurs whilst sitting at a table, pen poised over worksheet or book. That reading is about working through 44 phonemes before heading to the numerically ordered reading scheme.   That writing is being … Continue reading A New Memo for Education

Becoming Writers

Over the summer I was asked to help a number of children with their writing. Writing seemed to be a real sticking point for these children. These children were creative, they were so full of ideas that they spilled out of their mouths in a glorious tumble of words. But when it came to writing; … Continue reading Becoming Writers


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