Tutoring finds it feet in lockdown!

So 2021 didn’t start quite as planned.

My childminding career came to an abrupt end after twelve years.

In the beginning, back in 2009, I had three childminded children under 3 years, plus my own 2 children under 4 years, and my Mum and Dad as assistants.

We watched these children grow, welcoming a new child into our family as each older child moved onto school. We cared for many of these children up until they started secondary.

As the years rolled on we moved into wraparound care, providing care for 25 children from 3 different schools.

As the pandemic began I turned my hand to activity packs, delivering packs to my childminded children, keeping them busy during the first lock down.

This led me back on my teaching path. I had adored teaching; from my university days, spending 4 years learning how to teach; then in primary schools in the UK and abroad; then as a tutor and finally in early years as a childminder.

So I decided to start my tutoring once more…and I loved it.

I continued to childmind but was due to finish in February half term, until lockdown was announced.

So here we now are, in lockdown once again. My tutoring business has been steadily growing, the children love it, I love it, but now we are not able to see each other…until that is, I had a thought!

Armed with wellies, hat, gloves, three pairs of socks and a backpack Mary Poppins would be proud of, I set off in the morning.

I am off for my daily exercise, the only difference is I will be collecting a child enroute and we shall be learning!

Yesterday my tutor child and I, armed with whiteboards, made up stories about squirrels; wrote as many words as possible out of the letters from street names; multiplied, added, divided and subtracted house numbers; made tally charts and bar charts of car colours; jumped in iced puddles and explored the water cycle; we laughed and walked and learnt.

I am now a mobile tutor, I provide ‘walking tuition’ sessions for the children I teach. I do also provide virtual sessions but these ‘walking sessions’ are my favourite. We are out and about, the whole world is our resource and learning as it should be; fun, energetic and full of curiosity.

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